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About Us

Marius & Anca artisan confectioners / handwerkliche konditoren

Taste our eclairs and don’t be afraid to be… unique !

Who we are

In this world, and especially in this confectionery sector that is increasingly dominated by industry, we insist on being and remaining an exclusively artisan confectionery that makes handmade desserts from start to finish. We manage to do this by putting together our experience and passion, French recipes developed by renowned confectioners (and not only) as well as the best natural ingredients.

What we do

ECLAIRSHAUS aims to add value and reinterpret one of the most classic cakes in the world: the eclair.

In our store you can buy and enjoy eclairs with a unique personality together with a specialty coffee, so that EclairsHaus does not just offer “simple eclairs”, but wants to offer a real multisensory experience

An experience that involves sight, smell and taste, such that: the aroma, texture and taste of eclairs form a dessert and a memorable experience.

What we do …differently

EclairsHaus is 100% dedicated to this profession, so that every day we try to respect the promise we have regarding the quality and uniqueness of the product.
We value the following key elements that differentiate us from others:
* Freshness & quality: the refined taste and quality of our eclairs come from the care for natural ingredients as well as from the use of local ingredients.
* Courage: we are the first confectionery in Hamburg where eclairs are the main product.
* Perfection: in the art of confectionery, perfection does not exist, but we try to make the personal touch bring a unique and “perfect” touch to the product.
* Variety: we offer the most varied range of eclairs on the local market.

Our values what guide and define us

The values that guide and define the concept of EclairsHaus
Eclairs with unique Personalities


Courage makes us accept mistakes, dare to undertake something new and achieve our goals.

We firmly believe that we can offer our customers a little extra happiness if we strive to do new things and stay in step with the times. Thus, anyone who tries something new can sometimes fail. Just like we moved our business from one country to another…this new beginning does not scare us, because only the brave will succeed. Thus, part of our motto is: don’t be afraid – always be brave!


We are artisans and this word must define our entire activity. We say a resolute NO to industry interference and imposture in this field.

We respect the professional environment of this sector as well as the business environment. We carefully choose our collaborators and partners. We, as professionals in this field, as well as our employees, are the most important resource, and that is why we constantly invest in our professional development.


Our past success leads us to the future and EclairsHaus believes in this wholeheartedly. 

Our Approach: We will continue to be successful in the long term if we can look back with pride on our past successes and experiences and use them as driving force and motivation for the future. This is what makes us proud of our experience so far: the experience and expertise that our satisfied and long-term customers have come to know and appreciate. In today’s fast-paced times, where the world is going through so many rapid changes, we stand on a solid foundation.


We pursue perfection, but we stand out through uniqueness and give importance to the details, to those that really matter. 

Each of our products contains an element that makes them different from other products in the sector. Our recipes are a fusion between French and Italian confectionery. And they are the fruit of the experience accumulated so far… as well as the dedication and continuous involvement in this sector… We always set ambitious goals, so that our customers can enjoy products that exceed their expectations.